Natcoweb Dedicated Reselling – Earn from 10-15% on Hardware and Even More on Bandwidth

Natcoweb offers dedicated hosting reseller program that will enable you to resell any Supermicro configuration located in a SAS 70 type ii certified dc in North Bergen,NJ.

Server configuration available for reselling via Natcoweb can be found at:

The reselling pricing schedule is:

10% off on 1-10 resold servers
15% off on 11+ resold servers.

The same 10%-15% discount is applied to the bandwidth resold with the servers to your clients, and what's really essential we give you the opportunity to sell bandwidth cheaper than we do it as we will charge the total bandwidth and bill this according to the 95 percentile rule, that is if one server consumes 5 Mbs of bandwidth, and the other 100 Mbs, we will charge both servers at the 100 mbs rate.See the different rate for the bandwidth ranges below:

  • 10Mbs – 99Mbs: $13 / 1Mbs

  • 100Mbs – 499Mbs - $11 / 1Mbs

  • 500Mbs – 999Mbs - $10 / 1Mbs

Please email or give us a call at 1.646 233 3035 to discuss the details of the reselling program.

About Natcoweb

Natcoweb is a privately owned company providing colocation and dedicated hosting solutions at competitive pricing to clients looking for the best price/quality ratio.We use the state-of-the-art-technology and all our expertise in the field to deliver the top-notch services that allow our customers' businesses to meet challenges they face in the industries..
Located in one of the most densely interconnected PAIX and high-performance datacenters in North America and using multiple 10Git/s links to Level3, AboveNet, and Bandcon we use “Customer's wish is our desire” attitude in our work. You'll be happy with competitive pricing and superior customer service.
You'll get 24x7X365 remote hands support and free remote reboot with any colocation deal. We are offering free uplink ports to each server and "pay per power port" feature. Natcoweb bandwidth commit levels start at just 1Mb/s.

Have any questions about the details Natcoweb colocation special? Contact us to get a fast and professional response.

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