This is Mason, from smmsWEB. Today I would like to offer our newest offer which fits in the "Try-before-you-buy" Field. We are offering our premium hosting free for the first month. Why are we doing this? smmsWEB is a free and premium based webhost. We are currently trying to support the free services with our paying services, to better offer the community. Our free servers are completely paid for by the premium servers. So why are we giving the free hosting away free? Our goal at smmsWEB is to create a community of web developers like ourselves to better create the internet. We are looking for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, or anyone who needs/wants a website. We believe that by doing this, we are offering the world a better place to connect online. The generous premium customers are happy with the service, after multiple free beta tests. We believe that anyone has a right to website, so smmsWEB is offering the first month of hosting for all accounts is free.
Take a look at our plans bellow.

Plan Basic
2.5 GB Space (2,500 MBs)
10 GB Bandwidth (10,000 MBs)
25 Email Accounts
8 MySQL Databases
10 Domains


Plan Standard
5 GB Space (5,000 MBs)
20 GB Bandwidth (20,000 MBs)
50 Email Accounts
12 MySQL Databases
15 Domains


Plan Professional
10 GB Space (10,000 MBs)
40 GB Bandwidth (40,000 MBs)
200 Email Accounts
18 MySQL Databases
10 Domains


To get the first month free, please email admin@smmsweb.com. Don't be shy, we will take all requests that follow the smmsWEB Terms of Service.


1. We get a lot of questions about the limits. smmsWEB is very flexible. Most times we upgrade any account at no cost with reasonable limits. So don't feel pressured by limits, because we will easily work with clients that need upgrades.

2. smmsWEB Also gets a lot of questions about signups. All normal signups can be filled at clients.smmsweb.com; however, special orders and discounts must be sent to admin@smmsweb.com, for now.

3. Some people find our disk space to be low, but be assured that many websites do not actually use more than 1 GB. Some sites that have more media (Which is perfectly fine, we understand) use more disk space and bandwidth. If this is the case, a larger plan may be needed. However, we feel that for non-reselling accounts, Our biggest 10 GB account should hold most people.

smmsWEB Announcements:

1. After this offer ends, and our current servers are filled, we will open a new line of servers for resellers, shoutcast, game servers, and larger shared accounts. We are hoping to fill the servers before the end of the month so we can open these new services before summer starts.

We hope you make a good choice and host with us.
Warm Regards,
Mason C.
The smmsWEB.com Team