We can annouce another list of top virtual private server offers from our location in Amsterdam! Profithost is known for the cheap pricing, but this really beats everything. Without any overselling we can provide you the following:

Quad core processor
256mb ram
25gb harddisk
1gbit connection
250gb traffic
Price: Only 12,50 euro monthly!

Quad core processor
512mb ram
50gb harddisk
1gbit connection
500gb traffic
Price: Only 17 euro monthly!

Quad core processor
1024mb ram
100gb harddisk
1gbit connection
1000gb traffic
Price: Only 25 euro monthly!

Quad core processor
2048mb ram
200gb harddisk
1gbit connection
2000gb traffic
Price: Only 35 euro monthly!

Quad core processor
4096mb ram
400gb harddisk
1gbit connection
4000gb traffic
Price: Only 65 euro monthly!

Ofcourse Profithost offers you a 30 days money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Send us an email at sales@profithost.net
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We hope to host you soon!