This Service allows you to build and manage your own Branded cloud infrastructure with no haste's or fees every-time you do anything.


  • - Deploy servers as needed from 15 minute install time.
    - Destroy unused servers.
    - Manage all servers in one place using remote KVM
    - Add and remove IP's instantly
    - Edit Reverse DNS for all IP's
    - Reboot, Power On, Power Off, Delete Server, Reinstall Server instantly
    - Create users and provide 100% Private label access to them with the brandable server panel
    - Deploy firewalls and private vlans to connect your servers to with 100% control over the firewall rules. (Coming Soon)
    - Schedule backups and restore when needed in a 5 minute restore time. (Coming Soon)
    - Attach ISO images to a server.

Operating Systems
We currently support the following operating systems. If you need a custom OS we can ether install it for you or we can put the cd in the servers cd-rom drive and you can install the OS your self.

  • CentOS Linux
  • Debian Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux (Coming Soon)
  • cPanel WHM
  • Elastix VoIP
  • TrixBox VoIP
  • Windows 2003 Srv
  • Windows 2008 Srv (Coming Soon)

If you have a suggestion for an OS please let us know and we can have it added.

Server Upgrades.
We offer the functionality for you to upgrade and downgrade your servers hardware whenever you need to. The following hardware can be added or removed.

  • Additional RAID-5 logical drives
  • Number of CPUs (Coming Soon)
  • Additional RAM (Coming Soon)

Monthly Billing.

Pay at the end of the month for the servers you are using.

Any servers you don't want to pay for simply delete them before the billing date.

There is no Account setup fee. Apply Now

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