We would like to let you know that the .CO domain name extensions are coming. The extension is

expected to be very popular because of its simialrity to .COM domain name.

If you are a trade mark holder, please email us at support@sibername.com before

June 10, 2010

for the procedure to register a Trade Mark domain name after April 26

Protecting the rights of legitimate trademark holders prior to the full launch

of .CO

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.CO Launch & Registration Rules(PDF)

.CO Internet is following established best practices in trademark and IP protection to

ensure that the domain is launched and managed in an equitable and sustainable way. Our

intention is to make the .CO domain name an asset to trademark holders and a tremendous

opportunity for companies, entrepreneurs and individuals globally.

We will begin with a structured Sunrise process and implement a number of important rights

protection mechanisms to ensure for the fair and orderly distribution of domains. Our policies

have been designed with the guidance and counsel of ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency

in mind; along with the lessons learned from previous domain launches and consultations with a

variety of global domain registries.

Between April 26 and June 10, 2010 any trademark in the world may apply for a .CO domain. Please

note that if you have a Colombian trademark, you will be entitled to apply earlier for

registration. Please visit our Colombia site for more



Eligibility to participate in the Global Sunrise will be limited to holders of trademarks that:

* Were registered and were in full force and effect on or before July 30, 2008
* Are registered in a trademark office or registry that corresponds to a state or entity

described in the WIPO Standard ST.3 code
* Fully comply with any and all other specified terms and conditions in the .CO Sunrise


Sunrise Process

The sunrise process involves 5 stages, which includes an optional pre-validation process that

allows applicants or their agents to interact directly with the validation provider (Deloitte)

to validate and ensure applications are accurate and complete prior to submitting them to the

.CO registry.

Both ascii and Spanish language IDNs may be applied for during sunrise.
The following are the five stages of sunrise:

* Pre-Validation (optional)
* Submission (Through Sibername.com)
* Validation
* Auction
* Award/Injection

Documentation & Validation

In order to prevent the type of systemic fraud that occurred during certain previous TLD

launches, it is utmost importance that all rights claimed by trademark owners during the Sunrise

Process go through a strict validation process to ensure that the trademark owners actually have

the rights they claim they have. This includes the need for trademark owners to submit certified

documentation supporting their intellectual property rights in cases where such rights cannot be

validated by an official online database sponsored by the national trademark office.
At the most basic level, in any application for a .CO domain name during the Global Sunrise,

applicants will be required to submit certain data to demonstrate that they qualify in relation

to the right(s) related to the domain name applied for. The data required will include:

* Registered Mark: Exact word or phrase described by the Registered Mark;
* Registration Number: Registration or serial number of the Registered Mark’s current

* Registration Locality: Location (country/region) where the right is established (using the

corresponding WIPO Standard code);
* Capacity: Whether the Applicant holds the trademark as the original “owner” or as an


Deloitte, as the independent “Validation/Verification Agent” will verify every application. This

important additional step in the assignment procedure will make sure that only rightful owners

will receive a .CO domain at the second level.

The Validation/Verification Agent is generally tasked to give an opinion on whether the

information contained in an application meets the requirements laid down in the .CO Sunrise

Policy. This opinion will be made based on information contained in the application, as well as

other documentary evidence that may be required in accordance with the Policy.

Applications will not be granted on a first-come first-served basis, but rather will be

collected through the final date of Global Sunrise. In the event that there is more than one

entity applying for the same domain name, with each of them have corresponding trademarks, the

name will go to auction.

Rights Protection Mechanisms
As the new registry of the .CO ccTLD, we both recognize and embrace our responsibility to serve

as a reliable trustee for the .CO domain – a unique digital resource with broad global appeal.

As a steward of both the local and the global Internet community, we are committed to managing

the .CO Registry in a responsible manner – one that places a premium on protecting the rights of


. Please go to Global

, for a summary of some of the key rights protection mechanisms .CO Internet

has put in place to protect the intellectual property rights of others.