BibiHost was born in February 2009 from a small group of IT professionals. Our mission is to provide high quality hosting solutions for an honest price. We're mostly focused on FFmpeg hosting, necessary to run video sites. We use the latest technology to help us achieve our goals and this means we associate with much larger organisations, unlike most companies though, we never forget that every person is an individual. Everyone has different needs which is why all of our solutions are customisable upon request. We love to be considered your "best friend" in hosting as we always tend to have a friendly and unconfidential relationship with our clients.

Be sure that our experienced team and our high quality infrastructure will provide you the best hosting experience ever!

1Gigabit/s servers
Each of our servers has a Gigabit port, this is 10x faster than all the common hosts. This blazing fast connection speed provides faster pages load, downloads and an amazing streaming speed for video sites!

Daily Backups
We ensure that your data is always secure and available. Server failures can happen at anytime, so we backup all of your data daily. At the same time, we ask customers to keep their own backups to minimize data loss.

Our powerfull servers are optimized for FFmpeg hosting. We provide all the necessary tools (FFmpeg, Mencoder, Mplayer, Flvtool2, Lame...) to run a Youtube clone site such as Phpmotion, Clipbucket, Clipshare, Ostube...

Test files that may help you choosing the server location:


USA ->

Just in case someone asks, we're not resellers. All of our plans are hosted on dedicated servers that we own and operate.

What we offer:

Shared accounts for less than 10$/year! HERE
Reseller accounts -> earn money selling quality and paying less than 15$/month! HERE
VPS for as low as 9.95$/month! Details HERE
Dedicated servers for as low as 44.95$/month! Details HERE

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