OrbixHost is doing it's binary bit, are you? can you?

<Honesty Starts Here>

I am George Johnston - Proud owner of OrbixHost and even prouder member of WebHostingChat, but proudest member of haitinow.org.uk

So this is my big chance to get sales, better not blow it then

I currently have only 43 customers, but its quality, not quantity right? Ive got quality customers and I give them quality service, Im happy, theyre ecstatic, job done.

<Honesty Ends Here>

OrbixHost has 3.4 second ticket response times and 99.9999959955559 uptime, check all our testimonials etc... blah blah

<Honesty Resumes Here>

I've gone and co-founded a CD, oh not another CD... but this one's special as its for Haiti and even more so, i sing in it. Yes, a singing web hosting company owner, you've seen it all now.
This HaitiNow CD called Vision for Desires, which believe me, is definitely something to be desired was made by me, my best pal and loads of great people in order to raise valuable funds and awareness for the increasingly forgotten people of Haiti.
I wanted my company to be a part of Hosting for Haiti but didn't quite have the income to do it, i hope this way i can make up for that.

So far, we've raised 200 pounds, Woo, but please may you help me raise just a tad more by buying any Shared Hosting Package from Orbix today and by doing so 30% of the profit will go directly towards the CD sales on haitinow.org.uk and of course with every purchase, OrbixHost will provide you with a downloadable version of the CD FREE of charge. I know its only the CD you want anyway, first class hosting is a perk.

I don't want to advertise OrbixHost right now, either you like our packages or you don't, you are absolutely more than capable of checking a website by yourself (I hope so anyway ) - OrbixHost.com

But i will warn you, Ive sneaked a few package details in below for those of you who cant do the above, couldn't help myself sorry.

By the way, ENTER: HOST4HAITI in the promo box, you know the one and we'll send you your CD in a jiffy.

Super Selling Points...

- 24/7/365 Help Desk, Phone and Live Chat Support Support is always there, simple.
- If your account needs to move home, we'll do it for free.
- FFmpeg, FFmpeg-PHP, Mplayer + Mencoder, flv2tool, LAME MP3 Encoder, Libogg + Libvorb
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on every order
- A 'High' Uptime Guarantee.
- Fantastico de Luxe
- Multiple Daily Backups
- LiteSpeed Support

I understand your domain is your identity on the web, you should go nowhere without your identity and that's why I give 1 free domain or free transfer with every package.

Shared Hosting Packages

Shared Hosting - Basic (Linux or Windows) 4.99
250 GB Storage ∞ TB Bandwidth 25 Add-on Domains

Shared Hosting - Personal (Linux or Windows) 9.99
500 GB Storage ∞ TB Bandwidth ∞ Add-on Domains

Shared Hosting - Business (Linux or Windows) 14.99
1000 GB Storage ∞ TB Bandwidth 100 Add-on Domains

Shared Hosting - Unlimited (Linux or Windows) 17.99
∞ Storage ∞ Bandwidth ∞ Add-on Domains


Everyone deserves a treat once in a while Heres our current promotions not here but HERE.
Have a really good day or evening great people of WHT, thanks for introducing me into your community.


Best Regards,

George Johnston
Proud owner of OrbixHost and even prouder member of WebHostingChat, but proudest member of haitinow.org.uk