I'm almost certain this has had to have been posted before and I've ran a few searches but I can't find answers quite as specific as I'm looking for. I'm sorry if this is one of the stereotypical, annoying posts that you guys see from newcomers in the biz.

I understand that this business (web hosting) is saturated and hard to penetrate, but it's something I have been interested in for a few years and I have the money available and I'd like to just give it a shot. If I don't even profit, it's all fine as long as I've learned the ropes and enjoyed myself.

I've paid Payton Designs for a full scheme already. I've picked out a company name (not registered any LLC or anything yet), registered my domain name, and I have everything online with the standardized Lorem Ipsum text. I've read a lot into things and I'd say I'm about 70% clear of what I need to, legally, to get my hosting off the grounds.

My issue, however, is finding someone who will simply assist me in establishing my new hosting biz. Someone with writing experience that will fill the content of my pages so that they are uniform with what people would expect of a web hosting company, someone who will analyze my servers (I'm starting very small by the way, with "unlimited" reseller hosting from HostNine - I do not ever plan to sell dedicated servers, VPS, or anything of that nature as I am planning to be small and personal) and decide on appropriately-sized packages for customers, and someone who will tie my frontend and backend (I am using WHCMS) all together. I am basically looking to just get off the grounds.

I have lots of experience outsourcing jobs to places like Freelancer.com, VOIS, etc. but for this job (professional writing, research/analysis, etc.) I don't think those are the greatest places being as the majority of providers are living overseas and don't have the greatest grasp of the English language (I'm not trying to offend anyone!).

Where can I go? I'm willing to pay what it costs, I'm just trying to get my new small little biz off the grounds. I appreciate any replies, thanks for reading all this and I'm sorry if this is one of those routine posts.