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At SphexaHost we pride our selves in offering real hosting with real hosting plans and top of the line servers to give our clients the best web speed possible. We are positive you will be happy with our web hosting. If any case you are not satisfied we offer a 14 day money back guarantee!

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Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Servers (Economy)

  • AMD Duron 1300, 60GB (7200RPM) HD, 500GB Bandwidth 512MB DDR RAM, Single core CPU ($468/YEAR)
  • AND Athlon XP 2000+, 80GB(7200RPM) HD, 500GB Bandwidth, 768MB DDR RAM, Single core CPU ($588/YEAR)
  • AND Athlon XP 2400+, 120GB(7200RPM) HD, 500GB Bandwidth, 1024MB DDR RAM, Single core CPU ($708/YEAR)

NOTE: Can only be paid annually. view economy servers here

Dedicated Servers (Premium)

  • Intel Pentium IV, 2.8GHZ , 80GB (7200RPM) HD, 2000GB Bandwidth 512MB DDR2 RAM, Single core CPU ($89/MO)
  • Intel Pentium IV, 3.4GHZ , 120GB(7200RPM) HD, 3000GB Bandwidth, 1024MB DDR2 RAM, Single core CPU ($129/MO)
  • Intel Pentium IV, 3.4GHZ , 2X120GB(7200RPM) HD, 4000GB Bandwidth, 2048MB DDR2 RAM, Single core CPU ($159/MO)

view premium servers here

Dedicated Servers Freebies

  • CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu OS
  • Free Plesk 8 - 10 Domains (More domains available)
  • Free Domain

Dedicated / Reseller Addons

  • WHMCS - $10/Month
  • Blesta - $8/Month
  • Client Exec - $7/Month
  • Vision Live Support - $7/Month
  • Kayako Live Response - $24/Month

All servers are unmanaged - but come with a server control panel.

Why us?
We offer professional and affordable hosting with top notch support to ensure we gain the respect and satisfaction of our clients. SphexaHost was started to help web developers and the average joe who don't have much cash at hand to buy professional hosting. Today; web hosting companys are offering unlimited everything and over loading they're servers which will result in slow load times, down time, and poor support due to large amounts of clientele. To them your just another quick buck in there wallet. When you make your decision to join the SphexaHost community; we guarantee you are making the right one!

We do not overload or oversell our servers, we distribute our clients so that their resources are always available and our servers are running how they should be

Our Servers
When it comes to business hosting, Sphexahost understands quality systems need to be utilised that are configured and optimised for delivering true on-demand solutions. That is why we deploy only high-grade systems to ensure your websites load quickly, your database transactions execute instantly and so your customers notice the professional difference we provide only at Sphexahost.

Our server utilises multi core CPUs, 8GB RAM, 15,000 RPM high speed SCSI hard drive manufactured by IBM. We deploy only high grade systems.

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Any questions?
If you have any questions feel free to use our live support; or visit here if we are not online.