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Class-B Server

Supermicro Platform
i7-860 Processor 8x2.8Ghz(4xPhysical + 4xVirtualHT)
8GB DDR3-1333 Ram
2x500GB WD Black Drives(Software Raid1/0)
Intel X25-M G2 SSD 80GB
100Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
Unmetered Bandwidth (33TB Upload+33TB Download)
Included IP KVM (Cisco Firewall Protected)
IN Stock
/28 Private Vlan (12 Usable)
24hr Setup

$399/Month (Month to Month)
$325/Month (3Month Prepay $975)
$250/Month (6Months Prepay $1500)

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Need Extra Bandwidth Yes. 500Mbps Dedicated bandwidth $1250/Month Order Here

Preloaded with CentOS 5.4 64bit, Please add your specific OS notes while ordering.
Windows 2008 32 or 64 bit Standard $25/month Enterprise $45/month
Unmanaged Servers , Include free OS Reloads
Extra IP Space at $1.00/IP with justification.

Optional Services:-

Fully Managed Cisco Firewall, Site to Site IPSEC Tunnels
Corporate Employee VPN Services.
Fully Managed Nortel Alteon / Foundry Serveriron XL Load Balancer.

Location: Asheville NC - 28803 USA
Datacenter:Netriplex AVL01 SAS70 Type-II Certified
Ping/Trace route IP Address:
Speed test URL:
15+ Carriers BGP Mix Standard
Level3, WBS Connect, Savvis, Global Crossing, Tiscali, Sprint, Qwest, XO, PCCW, Telia Sonera, Charter.
Internap FCP Optimized bandwidth Included Standard.
TopLayer protected DDOS bandwidth Standard included.

Please email to sales at Slicebox for your enquiries and Custom Plans