How much do you truly know about hosting?

Are you making a massive gamble with your online business, without actually realizing it?


I'm Tristan Perry, an experienced member of the hosting community and owner of Devoted Hosting.

Some people find hosting to be confusing, and this is understandable considering how massive and fast-moving the industry is. I have written this virtual report so that you will benefit from my years of experience and will gain a deeper understanding of hosting.

Since hosting is a massive industry, there are a number of very good - but also very bad - hosts out there. I know someone who - a few years ago - was making $55 per day from his online websites (granted, this isn't as much as some people earn). He made the mistake of hosting his websites with a bad host (but of course he wasn't aware that they were a bad host at the time).

One day he got up and did his usual morning routine - i.e. he put on his computer, and then checked his e-mails and website stats. But there was a problem - his e-mails kept returning the error message "E-mail address not found; please re-check your details" and his websites wouldn't load!

(Spoiler: this story doesn't end well! Don't make the mistake of using a bad host!)

He knew there was something wrong. He instantly opened a new tab and typed in his host's web address. Their website wouldn't load either! He then went to a popular web hosting forums and - to his horror - there was a thread there about his host. It seems that the owner got bored of running a host and just stopped paying his hosting-related bills (and naturally, the host disappeared quite quickly after this!).

What's worse than this, though, is that this person never kept any backups of his websites since his host claimed that they kept backups (and there was no way of contacting the host as they had disappeared)! So the only way he could get his websites up and running again was to move to a new host and start from scratch!

I hope this helps to highlight the danger to you of choosing a bad host. This person was earning $55 per day, and never ended up getting back to that level since he was too unmotivated to start from scratch again.

Whether you earn $0/day or $200/day online, don't let this happen to you!

There are a bunch of questions that newbies to hosting ask me, such as "What does FTP/DNS/SSL/TOS/AUP/SLA/[some other confusing-looking term] mean?" Or - after I sometimes tell the story of my friend who lost his $55 per day income - questions like "How do I make my own back-ups?" and "Is my current host trust-worthy?". This guide answers such questions, and a lot more!

It casts a light onto the negative aspects of hosting and describes how to avoid a bad host. It also has a 'cheat sheet' which gives meaning to the countless phrases and acronyms you'll no doubt have seen when you look for a host, it contains a guide on how to choose a good host, tutorials covering how to backup your website, how to use FTP, and much more.

Remember a little earlier on I mentioned how you could be making a massive gamble with your websites without even realizing it? Well there are a few reasons why this might be, and to be nice I'm going to briefly share one of these reasons with you:

Chances are you've heard of HostGator. They are one of the biggest hosts around, and to their credit they are a good host who offer good service. However nonetheless you need to be mindful of what I'm about to say. If you go to their Terms Of Service (the legal contract you agree to when you order from a host), scroll down to clause 7)b) and you will see that it says the following:

... Accounts found to be exceeding the 100,000 inode limit will automatically be removed from our backup system to avoid over-usage. Every file (a webpage, image file, email, etc) on your account uses up 1 inode.
As mentioned above, an inode is essentially a file. Whilst HostGator is a good host - and 100,000 files may seem like a lot - there are some things that can happen 'behind the scenes' that can cause your inode usage to sky-rocket. I once seen someone with a 5-page website (containing a total of just 10 pictures across all pages) with.. wait for it... 102,918 inodes!

Hence this website wouldn't be backed up at all by a host with such a clause in their Terms Of Service. Then if the host's server crashed, your website wouldn't be backed up. This can be a massive risk to website owners, without them even knowing it exists.

Are you building up inodes without realizing it? If you are with a host who has such a clause, are you certain that all your websites - all your hard-work - is being backed up? Do you keep your own backups? Do you know how to create your own backups? Are you aware that there are many other reasons why you may be gambling with your websites?

How would you feel if you woke up one day to find that all your websites - your online business - is gone?

Don't let this happen to you.

As mentioned earlier, hosting is a massive industry and unfortunately there are some bad hosts out there. Hosting Unleashed sheds light on the bad practises of these hosts, and outlines how to avoid them. Plus its guides on choosing a good host, and on how to use FTP and backup your website files (and much more) will help to deepen your understanding of this industry.

But don't just take my word for it! If you aren't entirely satisfied with your purchase, contact me within 30 days of buying and I'll refund your money in full! You can't lose!

Whether you are making serious money via your websites, or whether you are just doing them as a hobby, it's important that you are with a good host who won't disappear one day. The advice given in Hosting Unleashed could save you a lot of time and money. I've previously sold this guide for $67, however for a limited time only I'm selling this for just $27!

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Refund Policy:

This guide comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. What this means is that once you have read Hosting Unleashed, if you aren't happy with it for any reason you can get a full refund by contacting me at tristan (at) tristanperry (dot) com. You will need to send me your PayPal transaction ID for the order, and your PayPal e-mail address, and I'll then process the refund - usually within 1 business day. Providing feedback on why you are asking for the refund would also be appreciated as I'm always happy to improve this product.