Hi members,

I am selling my 3 PTC website. PTC website are the Niche Market of this time.

Reason of selling the website : I just created the website to make a couple of bucks during the holidays before the school starts back. I do not have the time to study and take care of those site at the same time.

REMINDER : Those website does not make money on auto-pilot. You have to take care of them but YOU WILL BE MAKING A LOT OF MONEY !

The first site is the star , I created this site with buxhost 9 days ago and I'm already to 731 members. You can do a bit of publicity on PTC website but people reffering their friends is doing a great job.

slightbux.com - SlightBux

I've already 85 $ and paid out 15$ so earn about 70 $. Directly to my alertpay and paypal account and that's mean directly to my bank account. Yes 70 $ in 9 days is great but I think I will be able to sell this site at a great price and I do not have time to take care of it with the school starting back soon.

You must have a Paypal account and Alertpay Account to receive the payment of the member. Plus if you're a verified , you can make instant payment so after the website will start to be on auto-pilot :P

You also have a 5 month and a half hosting on BuxHost - Start your own PTC business today what is a value of about 100$ . This sales will end soon since I'm selling those site on multiple website. The first with a good offer will get it.

IMPORTANT: For this website (slightbux), I do not accept any offer under 400$. You will probably take back you money in less then 1 month plus you got a hosting of 100 $ value.

Unique visitor by day is incredible and getting bigger everyday. All the ads are put and you will probably sometime receive money to put new ads. You can also put your own ads and find a way to make money with them (just with the link from my ads I've made about 40 $) .

Second Website

This is one is a special.

It's Many Bux ~ Make Many Bux Online !.

The script of this website is brand new but it is really liked by my members. Launch about 11 days ago and already 472 members and growing fast also. This website is special because everyday you will receive money for people buying ads package, but sometime(happened to me 4 times in the last 8 days) someone will buy a Golden membership. This mean 15 $ right into your pocket and the golden gets some advantage that others do not have. This site is almost on auto-pilot. All you have to do is approve the ads when someone buy you some and for the moment I only did one payment of two dollars of a gold members This site does not earn a lot of time during the days but it earns a lot one shot. For this site , I will be offering for free a 10 month hosting unlimited transfer and storage (value of 100$). For this site, I won't be accepting any offer under 300 $ since the hosting is almost that and plus you will make your money back in less then 15 days.

The last is a domain name with a highly fashionned and high devloepped script. I didn't start this site. This is if you want to start you own bux site. SO THERE IS NO MEMBER ON THE WEBSITE, This site is brand new. MagixBux | The Best PTC . You also have a 6 month unlimited hosting for free ( 60 $ value) .

Only 160 $ for the website,hosting and script.

I can Sell you the script for only 80 $ .

Good luck to buyer,