A listing on the homepage of Digg will allow you to reach thousands of users who are early adopters of personal software, mobile phone apps, web services, and home electronics. Digg users are also highly influential on other social media platforms such as blogs, forums, and Twitter. Reaching this audience should be a key objective if you hope to build a successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign.


Successful social marketing requires that you understand your audience and appeal to their interests. When done right, social marketing is a very cost effective way of reaching people because social media "channels" have distinctly defined audiences. This means that you don't have to waste time and money on people who don't fit your customer profile.

Not sure if your product, service, website or blog will appeal to the audience on Digg? Just send us a message and we'd be happy to learn more about your marketing goals and to help you develop a strategy for your social marketing campaign.

Our Digg Marketing service is simple to use.

  • Select a package and contact us to discuss your campaign.
  • We will optimize your story’s title, submit it to Digg and begin promoting it.
  • Relax with your favorite drink, and watch the traffic roll in.

Digg Marketing - Silver PACKAGE

If you build it, will they come? The best content in the world is useless without an audience so we've developed this package to spread the word about your website or blog.

+ Submission to Digg.com
+ Minimum guarantee of 50 Diggs after our promotion

Price - 30$
FP Ranking Fee - 200$


50 positive comments - 15$ Extra
Story Optimization - 10$

Digg Marketing - Gold Package

Your secret weapon in the search engine wars, this package was created to increase your search engine ranking and reach Google's first pages overnight as well as increase the secondary links you need to build your pagerank

+ Story Optimization
+ Submission to Digg.com
+ Minimum guarantee of 100 Diggs after our promotion.

Price - 50$
FP Ranking Fee - 200$


100 positive comments - 25$ Extra

Digg Marketing - PLATINUM Package - Recommended for FP

Are you looking for a massive increase in traffic that a Digg front page will bring? This package is an excellent choice for promoting the launch of a new product, service or that perfect article that you know deserves some real exposure

+ Story Optimization for FP Ranking.
+ Submission to Digg.com
+ Minimum guarantee of 250 Diggs after our promotion.
+ 48 Hour Delivery.
+ FREE Positive Comments

Price - 200$
FP Ranking Fee - 500$

Terminology :

FP Ranking Fee - You are obliged to pay the ranking fee specified only if you hit the Front Page. No advance payment required for FP ranking fees.

Positive Comments - Every user who diggs your story will leave a positive comment related to the same. Recommended for reviews.


What Kind of Audience Will I Reach on Digg?

According to the latest stats , the majority of users are educated young professionals who live in the United States.

What Type of Stories Do Well On Digg?

Stories about technology, gaming, and politics generally do very well as
do controversial stories and breaking news. Press releases and blatant self-promotion are not looked upon favourably and these types of stories are quickly burried.

How Many Diggs Are Needed To Make The Front Page?

There isn't a firm number of diggs required to reach the front page. Digg.com employs an algorithm that evaluates the type of users who are digging the story. Stories usually need between 50-200 diggs before reaching the homepage.

Are there any benefits beyond the obvious spike in traffic?

1. It’s one of the fastest ways to get indexed by search engines such as Google. The majority of stories are indexed within 24 hours.
2. Your story will be picked up by bloggers and other social bookmarking sites who will in turn spread it to their readers.
3. By having your content rated highly on Digg, you will be seen as an authority
in your niche.

Will You Promote My Story on Sites Like StumbleUpon, Propeller, and Reddit?

We currently don't offer marketing campaigns on other social bookmarking sites. However, there are plans to expand the services that we offer.

Do You Offer Any Type of Guarantee?

Each package is guaranteed to generate diggs.

Platinum - Minimum of 200 Diggs after our promotion.

Gold - Minimum of 100 Diggs after our promotion.

Silver - Minimum of 50 Diggs after our promotion.

If these targets are not met within the specified turnaround time (24 - 48 hours), your money will be immediately refunded.

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal (Verified A/C's Only)

How to Order ?

Please send a PM to discuss your order details with your contact info.