Scraping Web is proud to announce the sale of 32 niche MySQL content databases with a variety of industrial data and facts. They are all solely and originally created and compiled by us. You can find a lot of coupons to claim for discounts at the end of this post.

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Where are all the data from? Do I have to worry about the copyright issues?

95% of the data sources we choose to harvest is US government sites (huge, well organized and established data they have), Wikipedia sites (,, etc.) and other similarly copyrighted sites. Vast majority of the sources are thus either in the public domain or rather loosely copyrighted.

In addition, we never harvest human articles but only data and straight facts that are hard to be copyrighted in the first place. The final data structure is completely different from the original. Therefore, there isn't really anything to worry about.

Ain't these duplicate content if I put them up on my site?

Yes and no. First of all, we don't scrape articles - we only harvest data and straight facts in their most atomic form, then reorganize, restructure and refine them to a whole better database. It's completely different from the original sources, especially considering you will write your own web script to use these databases - that's one of the reasons why we don't release data scripts for these databases, because that way each script you buy from us would look exactly the same from search engines' point of view which is the last thing you want in SEO.

Plus, there are tons of sites that share the same set of data / information in every niche, yet they all live well. No site is truly unique. The only thing that matters is your site's authoritativeness and backlinks. Put these database content up on a strong site, and you will immediately have hundreds of thousands of new pages that attract an enormous amount of extra traffic - some on-page SEO optimizations are essential of course.

How many times have they been sold?

Rarely have them each been sold more than once because of our pricing strategy - we set all the databases at a premium price so that as few people buy them as possible. Why? Because:

1) it takes tremendous time to find the perfect data source, analyze it for data structure, build the harvesting framework, harvest it and then refine it,
2) the less people have the same data, the more valuable the data would be,
3) there are already buyers who paid the premium prices, we can't betray them by lowering the price now,
4) we are very proud of our work and we simply don't want them out into cheap hands.

What can I do with these content databases?

You can build these databases into brand new data / information intensive sites - directory or search engine. Or you can use these databases to enhance your existing niche websites, adding hundreds of thousands of new pages and data content to it immediately.

Can I resell databases I bought from you?

No. You can only use them for YOUR OWN projects / websites.

So what are the coupons I can use to get discounts?

Currently we have set up 8 ONE-TIME coupons for you to use when purchasing some of the databases: Special Database Coupons and Deals - Scraping Web. Hurry up before someone else grabs the deal and uses the coupon. All ONE-TIME coupons will be automatically destroyed after being claimed.

Product: Auto Parts Database
Original: $489.95
Discounted: $389.95
Product: Aircrafts Database
Original: $489.95
Discounted: $389.95
Product: Baby Names Database
Original: $39.95
Discounted: $29.95
Product: Shareware & Freeware
Original: $189.95
Discounted: $89.95
Product: English Dictionary
Original: $89.95
Discounted: $49.95
Product: Lasik Eye Surgeons
Original: $289.95
Discounted: $229.95
Product: Quotes Database
Original: $489.95
Discounted: $459.95
Product: US Hotels & Reviews
Original: $489.95
Discounted: $389.95

Is there any support?

Absolutely. We are more than happy to assist you through any problem you have with the databases you have purchased. We can also provide any of the other formats you need free of charge:

* Plain CSV
* CSV for Microsoft Excel
* Microsoft Excel .XLS file (2008, 2007, 2003, 2000)
* Microsoft Word .DOC file (2008, 2007, 2003, 2000)
* LaTeX
* Open Document Spreadsheet
* Open Document Text

Simply contact us here or reply to the email we sent to you when you made the payment.

How soon can I get the databases after payment?

Instantly. will automatically send you an email containing the download link of the databases you have purchased. You can also click the "Return to Merchant" button on the payment success page to immediately start downloading the content databases you have paid for.

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