Comet Hub is specialized in personal cPanel hosting -- get reliability at an affordable price!


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Powerful server
8 CPUs (@2.2GHz + Hyperthreading)
12GB of RAM
High speed SCSI hard drives

No overselling. Guaranteed!

1024MB of space
10240MB of bandwith
Generous amount of FTP, emails, database, and add-ons domain.

Advanced Features
PHP 5.2.x
MySQL 5.x
Ruby on Rails
Spam Assassin
Fantastico DeLuxe
... and more!

Plan starts at $5/month! (that's less than 20c/day!)

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Got questions?
Email us at: sales at comethub dot com

* All accounts are verified and approved manually to prevent fraud, so it might take up to 24 hours to receive your account information.