Operating system : One of the best ways to improve your security is upgrade to the latest version of your operating system. Windows 2000 is in a completely different safety league to Windows 95. Linux is even better.

Anti-virus software : Unless you're a technical wizard able to spot viruses hiding inside files, you must run anti-virus protection software. You should also update the virus

File sharing : Unbelievably, many computers on the Internet have file sharing switched on. This is wonderful news for hackers, since any computer with Internet file sharing activated offers its content freely to outsiders. It's a particular problem for computers built before 2000, as they often have file sharing switched on as a default. You can easily check and change the setting.

Scripting : Unless you create VB Scripts (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're not creating them) you can disable Script Hosting. This is the weakness exploited by I Love You and similar viruses.

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