Virtual credit cards(VCC) for moneybookers,ebay, facebook & other online purchases

Hello all

I am selling virtual credit cards using which you can verify your paypal,moneybookers,facebook and ebay accounts . these vccs can also be used for registering domain names from godaddy and other similar service which requires CC .

1vcc to verify paypal = 10$ (Comes with a balance of 2$)
for moneybooker = 15$(it takes 3 days for complete verification)
for ebay = 8$
for facebook = 8$

Discount available on Bulk purchase .

Instant Verification within 90 seconds or moneyback (for paypal verification)

What you’ll get:
1. 16 digits card number
2. Card type
3. Date of issue
4. Expiry date
5. 3 digits CVV number

My contact id

Mail me at my contact id . i am available online 24*7

**Discounts are available for regular customers and bulk order (more than 10)**

1. VCC details will only be released after all payment transaction is made.
2. VCC should be used within 24 hours after released date.
3. All VCC can be used only once. I suggest you only verify your PayPal account when you need to make transaction with it.

Please Note that we dont offer verification of Paypal account of USA/UK/CANADA

Payment methods:
1. Liberty Reserve
2. PayPal
3. Moneybookers

anymore queries ? Feel free to mail me