Simple Rack, Inc. is a Dedicated and Colocated service provider, utilizing own hardware.
We've got our own techs present in the Datacenter 24/7 to assist you in case of emergencies, All our servers are build of server grade parts!

Our Kansas City network is ready to assign IPv6 Addresses, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your hosting environment today!

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Kansas City Facility

1U to 4U Size Server Unit
1500 GB Transfer Monthly
5 Dedicated IP Address
100Mb port

Monthly: $ 69.00 Setup: $ 0.00

Half Rack (21u) Cabinet
10 AMPs power
5 Mbps Bandwidth
13 Dedicated IPs

Monthly: $ 499.00 Setup: $ 0.00

Full Cabinet (41u)
20 AMPs power
10 Mbps Bandwidth
29 Dedicated IPs

Monthly: $ 999.00 Setup: $ 0.00

Lease to Own Servers
Simple Rack, Inc. offers flexible, Switches, KVMoverIP and Remote Reboot Switches.

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