Host Color now offers beefed VPS Hosting plans. We have upgraded the RAM, disc space and bandwidth quotas of all virtual private servers. Please review the following VPS powered by Parallels Virtuozzo Containers:.

VPS Advance

* 768 MB RAM
* 30 GB disc space
* 300 GB data transfer
* Dedicated IP
* Virtuozzo Power Panel
* Plesk ($5/mo) license (100 websites) or cPanel license ($15/mo)

Price: $39.95/month (annual subscription) or $49.95 paid monthly. Go to VPS Advance now.

To make it fully managed anyone needs to pay only $24.95/month and to use coupon code S2009FMVPS.

Please also note the next level Virtual Private Server - VPS Power features 1 280 MB RAM, 50 GB Space and 500 GB bandwidth and costs only $69.95/month. You get customized service and Famous 24/7 personalized support, No overselling at any level, No limitation of service, No Hidden TOS, No hidden fees.

Host Color's customer support guarantees 15 minutes response on support tickets.

We are responsible provider that cares about your web business. That's why we are successful web hosting provider since 2000.

Please go to hostcolor.com/vps or contact our sales or customer care representatives. They are available for you 24/7 at 1-888-222-1495. UK customers can dial 0871 731 1002