Our dedicated servers are really dedicated cluster nodes. You get all of the benefits of the cluster with a node dedicated just to your site. Or if you're not quite ready for a full dedicated node, we offer semi-dedicated nodes. Semi-dedicated nodes are provisioned with one client per processor core and per gigabyte of RAM. It's like a VPS without the management headaches and resource limitations.

Load Balancing and Server Fail-over all-in-one!

Since your dedicated node is actually part of the cluster, we route a small percentage of your traffic to the shared nodes in the cluster. So you're getting more than you asked for. It's like having 1.1 dedicated servers. And if your node becomes saturated with traffic, the shared cluster picks up the slack!

Sometimes hardware fails. It's a fact of life. But you can rest assurred that since your dedicated node is part of the cluster, the rest of the shared cluster serves as your automatic backup. If our load balancers detect that your node has become unresponsive, all traffic will automatically route to the shared nodes on the cluster, and your site won't miss a beat. Sometimes we unplug a dedicated node just for fun! Just kidding - really!

Note: All servers are provisioned as dedicated nodes within the cluster unless client specifically requests a NON-CLUSTER configuration. In our cluster configuration we do not permit root access, while we do permit root acces on non-cluster configurations. Backup software licensing fees will apply for non-cluster configurations.

  • High Availability Dedicated Servers
  • Redundant hot/standby load balancing routers for High Availability.
  • High performance next-generation clustered file system - no NFS here! Fibre Channel RAID 5 storage for maximum reliability and speed.
  • Tier 1 Data Center facilities with N+1 redundancy from cooling to switches Custom hosting control panel designed for clustering.
  • Custom cluster design for colocation of highly available networks.
  • Reseller and white-label programs available.
  • Semi and Dedicated Nodes include shared cluster "fail over"

C5N-DED1 - $119.99/mo. Order Now
Dual-core P4 3GHz Processors
100GB SAN Storage
100GB Data Transfer
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C5N-DED2 - $299.99/mo. Order Now
Single Quad-core Xeon 2.3GHz Processors
4GB 667Mhz RAM
Dual 500GB SATA HDDs (SCSI Available)
100GB SAN Storage++
250GB Data Transfer++
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C5N-DED3 - $449.99/mo. Order Now
Dual Quad-core Xeon 2.3GHz
8GB 667Mhz RAM
Dual 1TB SATA HDDs (SCSI Available)
100GB SAN Storage++
250GB Data Transfer++
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C5N-DED3-XL - $649.99/mo. Order Now
Dual Quad-core Xeon Nahalem 5504
36GB 1333Mhz RAM
Dual 1TB SATA HDDs (SCSI Available)
100GB SAN Storage++
250GB Data Transfer++
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Available Upgrade
Additional GB Storage $2/GB
Additional GB Transfer $2/GB
Add Miva Merchant 5.5 e-commerce $30/Mo.

None Clustered Dedicated Servers:

EMS1 - $99/Mo. + $100/Setup Order Now!!
Intel Dual Core 2.4Ghz
1000GB Data Transfer

EMS2 - $149/Mo. + $100/Setup Order Now!!
Intel Quad Core 2.66Ghz
1000GB Data Transfer

EMS3 - $249/Mo. + $200/Setup Order Now!!
Dual Intel Xeon 5310
250GB SATA II Drive
1000GB Data Transfer

EMS3-XL - $359/Mo. + $250/Setup Order Now!!
2X Intel Nehalem Xeon 5504
500GB SATA II Drive
1000GB Data Transfer

Upgrade Options For None Clustered Dedicated Servers

Ram Upgrade
1GB RAM $25
2GB RAM $50
4GB RAM $100
6GB RAM $150
8GB RAM $200
12GB RAM $300
24GB RAM $600

Hard Drive Upgrade
160GB SATA II Drive $15
250GB SATA II Drive $20
500GB SATA II Drive $30
1TB SATA II Drive $50

Please ASK for no-setup fee Special