RrDNS.com announces fully managed top notch clustered hosting solutions for professional blogging sites or informative blogs with very high traffic. Our tailor made starter cluster setup includes two webservers setup in round robin mode configured with Lighttpd+PHP FastCGI for ultra fast content delivery and site speed. The cluster setup also includes a high end MySQL server pre-configured to give higher performance for your blogs. This setup is specifically designed to handle popular sites running blog scripts like Wordpress, Wordpress MU, MovableType, b2Evolution, Nucleus, Blog System and any other blogging or microblogging scripts. The objective of such robust setup is to make your blogs digg proof and maximise the revenue output.

The base configurations for the two Webservers are as below:

* Intel Pentium D 3.0Ghz Processor
* 1 GB RAM
* 250GB SATA Hard drive
* 2000GB Bandwidth per server
* 5 IP addresses
* 100Mbit Port Connectivity

The configuration for the MySQL server would be as below:

* Intel Core2Duo E8400 3.0Ghz Processor
* 500GB SATA Hard Drive
* 2000GB Bandwidth
* 5 IPs
* 100Mbit Port
* Cpanel Control panel

Each of these configurations can be changed as per your requirement. Please contact us with your exact requirements for a free quote.
We can also assist in moving your existing blog from your old host to the cluster for free.

Each cluster includes:

--> Full Server Management with presetup Hardeneding.
--> 24x7 Server Monitoring using ping.
--> Monthly Preventive maintenance and updates for OS level softwares.
--> Monthly security audits.
--> Custom Firewall Installation.
--> Free DDOS protection and mitigation.
--> Bandwdith Usage Notifications.
--> Fully managed DNS service with failover.
--> Free Script upgrades to Latest versions for better security.
--> Free Third party plugin/theme installations.
--> Free Two Regular Priced premium wordpress themes from TemplateMonster.com*
--> Free preinstalled top 10 plugins if you run a wordpress site.
--> Optional Country Based (GeoLocation) Ips available as addon.
--> Latest PHP 4.4.x/5.2.1x version installed.
--> Latest MySQL 4.1.x/5.0.x/5.1.x installed.
--> Optional Memcache support if needed.
--> Optional Hardened PHP.
--> Optional fine tuned Latest Apache setup instead of Lighttpd.

The cost of the cluster would come down or rise as per your requirement. We are offering a 10% discount for the 1st month on this cluster until 31st October 2009.
Please use the coupon as "BlogPower" during signup to avail this offer.

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