We just got a new VPS node up, and are offering them at 50% off your first month.When checking out, use coupon code save50.

What every VPS gets :

  • On the fly upgrades
  • NO more then 12 VPS's on one node
  • Instant reboots
  • Instant rebuilds
  • OpenVZ virtualization
  • Panenethe VPS control Panel

512MB Ram Guaranteed
768MB burst
1 core, 50% of the core
10GB space
2 IP addresse
200GB bandwidth
14.99 per month

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1024MB Ram Guaranteed
1280MB burst
1 core, 100% of the core
15GB space
2 IP addresses
300GB bandwidth
24.99 per month

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1536MB Ram Guaranteed
1792MB burst
2 cores, 75% of the cores
20GB space
2 IP addresses
400GB bandwidth
34.99 per month

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2048MB Ram Guaranteed
2304MB burst
2 cores, 100% of the cores
30GB space
2 IP addresses
600GB bandwidth
45.99 per month

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Do you offer cPanel/Direct Admin/Plesk panels?

Yes, at a monthly cost :

cPanel/VPS optimized : 9.99
Direct Admin : 8.99
Plesk : 11.99

Can I install my own Panel, like webmin, or lxadmin?

Yes, by all means, go ahead. They are free/open source!

What is the cost for each extra IP Address?

Yes, at $1.50 per IP, any orders over 5 IP's get a discount.

Where is the node location?


Do you have a pingable IP?

Are your VPS services managed?

No, all of our services are unmanaged.

Do you offer a domain reseller account?

Yes, we can offer a domain reseller account, just email our sales team for rates : sales@vivicalhosting.com

Money back guarantee?

30 Day money back guarantee.