I'm offer professional share hosting with SPECIAL OFFER. The features of this share hosting as follows :
Disk Space : Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Websites : Unlimited
Free domain name for life
Managemen control :
cPanel Control Panel, RVSiteBuilder, Fantastico Scripts, Domain Aliases (unlimited), Subdomains (unlimited), FTP Accounts (unlimited), HTML Editor, One Click Website Builder, Frontpage® Extensions, Dreamweaver Compatible, Adobe GoLive Compatible, Cron Jobs, File MIME Types, Custom Error Pages, Page Redirects Manager, Web Disk (WebDAV), File Manager, Daily R1Soft Backups, Password Protected Directories,
Email services :
Mail Boxes (POP3 & IMAP)(unlimited), Secure IMAP & POP3, Autoresponders (unlimited), Forwarders (unlimited), Mailman Mailing Lists (unlimited), Squirrelmail Webmail, Horde Webmail, RoundCube Webmail, BoxTrapper Spam Blocker, SpamAssassin Spam Blocker, Razor, DCC, Pyzor Filters, Spamhaus & SpamCop Checks, Catch-All Email Addresses, Manual Email Filtering, Domain Keys and SPF, Ports 26 and 587 Outgoing
Developments :
MySQL 5 Databases (unlimited), PostgreSQL Databases (unlimited), PHPMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, PHP 4 and 5, Perl, Python, Perl Module Installer, SSI, CGI, SSL/E-commerce Support, Shared SSL, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD, Curl, DomXML, mod_rewrite, Zend Optimizer, ionCube PHP Loader, Streaming Audio/Video, Flash, Shell Access / SFTP
Statistics :
Awstats Software, Webalizer Software, Analog Software, Error and Referrer Logs, Raw Access Logs, Subdomain Stats
Network/Data Center :
SAS 70 Type II Certified, DDoS Attack Response, Secured Entrance/Exit, Redundant Carriers, Network Monitoring, Firewall, Brute Force Detection, Nightly Security Updates

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