Securely tailored availability, reliability and support are our standards at We deliver unsurpassed Internet infrastructure with secure, fast, & powerful broadband connectivity. Your dedicated server will enjoy better than realized uptime, while you'll rest easy knowing you've invested in the best infrastructure available.

With a customized dedicated solution, you can rest assured the technology supporting your business is reliable, scalable, and expertly maintained by a team of server engineers.

Our managed dedicated server hosting is about more than just servers, it's about service.

Our Key Features of Managed Dedicated Servers includes:

• Hosting Network's proprietary web-based administration software

• Full root access

• Free upgrades of patches, hot-fixes, and service packs

• Log file rotation

• Complete scalability to your growth

• Highest level of security

• Free hardware repair/maintenance

• Bandwidth utilization reports

• Web site performance monitoring tools

• Complete server control

• Greater Network uptime

• Anti-virus and anti-spam

• Ability to run custom applications

• Personal account representative and direct answer toll-free support line

• Complete server management tools to create/modify/delete domains and users, park domains, install/modify/delete any Arab Hosting Network shared hosting feature, Real Audio/Video setup and much more

• Complete 24-hour server monitoring including reboots and normal hardware/software maintenance

• Perfect for web hosting resellers, web developers/designers and inexperienced server administrators

• Ideal solution for mission critical sites requiring custom server management

• A perfect solution for webmasters needing greater flexibility, reliability and security for their clients

Everything we have powering your dedicated server solution, from the layout of our datacenter to the configuration of our network, has been meticulously researched, designed, and tested to exceed even the toughest industry standards. Stable, reliable, and flexible aren’t just buzz words to us – each is a critical component of how we operate the system that in turn powers your business. Start taking advantage of our free end to end server management hosting solutions from ZNet