Blesta web-based billing solution - $10.20 a month (WHMCS/Clientexec Alternative)

Blesta is a multi-purpose web-based billing solution. With Blesta you can easily manage clients, invoices, services, payments, and more!

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Automated Invoicing creates professional PDF invoices automatically. Easy manual invoicing lets you create invoices for non-recurring services.

Automated Payment Processing authorizes credit cards and credits invoices.

Automated Suspension system optionally suspends and unsuspends services automatically.

Any Month Billing lets you create packages for services that renew every 1 to 999 months, or never at all.

Email or Paper invoices gives you control over invoice delivery on a per client basis.

Accept Manual Payment from clients who mail in payment. Entering a stack of checks is streamlined in Blesta.

Configurable Late & Suspend Notices gives you full control over late notices. Set when they go out, if they go out, and what they say.

•••••••• SUPPORT FEATURES ••••••••
Ticket System allows clients to get support in a central place. Updated and new ticket notices can even be sent to your tech's phone or mobile device if your cell carrier offers an email to SMS gateway as most do. You can optionally set stale tickets to be closed automatically.

Multiple Support Departments allow you to fast track trouble tickets.

Email Pipinggives clients the option of opening or replying to tickets without ever having to log in.

Mass Mailer makes it possible to send custom personalized email to all, or only a subset, of your client base.

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