Hello, I own a very popular and well known hosting provider in the US, we currently sell Game Servers, Voice Servers, Web Hosting, VPS Servers, and Dedicated Servers. We are well known and have 73 Active clients at the time I am writing this. Our website was just professionally redone, and gets over 5,000 unique hits per day. We are very highly rated and all clients are satisfied. We currently have two server locations for Game Servers (Dallas Texas, and South Bend Indiana) our VPS and Webhosting Server is in Dallas, and our Voice Servers are in the following Locations: Ashburn, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California, New York, New York, San Jose, California, Seattle, Washington, Amsterdam, Netherlands, London, England, Toronto, Canada.
Our Game Servers use the Control Panel, TCAdmin, and we have set up WHMCS so that when a Client Orders, and Pays it sets up there server automatically.
We currently make $1,110 Per Month off of our current clients.
I am only selling as I am too busy with a wife and kid now, to keep this going, and I don’t want the customers to suffer.
I would be willing to sell just the clients, the clients and the site and transfer over the servers we rent (1 for game servers and 1 for VPS/ Webhosting) or I can sell the clients, the site, transfer the servers, and sell you the servers we own.
I would prefer not to release the sight publicly, so if interested please e-mail: johnstriker666@gmail.com or PM me
For more information, or to make an offer please PM or Email me and I will reply back asap.