With other providers, you simply buy a VPS with fixed resources. With VPS.NET, we give you full root access and the ability to buy nodes within the cloud so that you can build a VPS to fit your own specs! You’re in control of how many resources you actually need, giving you more bang for your buck!<o></o>
Each cluster (node) of resources can be as low as $13!!
Resources Available: VPS Virtual Private Server Cloud | UK / USA<o></o>
0.4GHz - 7.2GHz Dedicated CPU<o></o>
256MB – 4608MB RAM<o></o>
10GB – 180GB Storage<o></o>
250GB – 4500GB Bandwidth<o></o>
Features of VPS.NET: Virtual Private Server Features | UK / USA <o></o>

  • FREE ISPmanager Pro ($34/month value)
  • FREE and Unlimited Comodo SSL's<o></o>
  • Build, test and deploy your server instantly<o></o>
  • Choice of operating systems
  • Access limitless resources with instant scalability<o></o>
  • Self healing with automatic failover
  • Daily billing - only pay for what you use<o></o>
  • Fully redundant gigabit network connectivity<o></o>
  • No commitment - upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime<o></o>
  • Easy to use management interface, API & full root access
  • Turnkey Linux with included applications:<o></o>

-Wordpress –phpBB -Ruby Rails –MySQL -Drupal 5<o></o>
-Drupal 6 –Joomla –Core -Google App Engine SDK<o></o>
-Tomcat –LAMP –LAPP –MediaWiki –Django -PosgreSQL<o></o>
VPS.NET: vps.net<o></o>
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