Who is CheapFFmpeg?
CheapFFmpeg started selling FFmpeg hosting on 6 February 2009. We're not a big hosting company, we're a small group of friends with IT experience since early '90s tired to pay for poor services from hosting companies for our sites. We then bought our own servers and started hosting our own sites. Lot of people/friends asked to also host their sites, that's why we're still here.
We love what we do and our passion for webhosting has no limits
We also love to be as much friendly as possible. When you signup with us is like going to be hosted by a friend.

Our plans start from only 10$/year, that's 0.83$/month!!! (2GB disc space and 20GB monthly bandwidth).
Except for disc space and bandwidth, all the other features (email, databases, domains....) are UNLIMITED!
And you'll even get full FFmpeg access on server without cpu restrictions!!!

How reliable we are?
We manage our own servers (we're not resellers!) and are in business since February09. If we weren't serious on what we do we wouldn't still be here today!
Read some reviews from our customers here -> http://www.webhostingstuff.com/revie...ngCompany.html and here -> CheapFFmpeg.com • View forum - Customer Reviews

Any question? Come over at CHEAP FFMPEG HOSTING for a live chat!