RootBSD, the premier FreeBSD hosting provider is offering a lifetime discount to NEW customers.

Right now, sign up for any of our VPS plans and get a recurring tweet-worthy 10% discount!

Take advantage of one of the world's most rock solid and mature Unix operating systems available.

Our Xen-based VPS allows you nearly complete control of your virtual system -- you can modify your kernel, do firewalling, VPN, IPSEC, and more.

Just enter coupon code CROLL at checkout.

Each VPS comes with FULL root access allowing you to quickly install applications from the ports tree or compile your own code.

All Xen VPS packages come with:
  • FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE (older versions available)
  • Friendly Technical Support
  • Dedicated Physical RAM allotment
  • ECC Fully Buffered Server RAM
  • Full ports tree already installed
  • Web control panel to stop/start/restart your VPS
  • Reverse DNS control
  • VNC Remote console access
  • Rsync/ssh backup space
  • Intel Xeon Harpertown Quad Core CPUs
  • Hardware-based RAID 10 for fast and reliable disk access

Need help transferring your existing server? Contact us and we'll be glad to help!

Now, here are the package details:

Iota VPS
+ 256MB RAM
+ 10GB RAID diskspace
+ 100GB/mo bandwidth
$19.97/mo ($17.77 with discount -> signup now)

Lambda VPS
+ 512MB RAM
+ 20GB RAID diskspace
+ 200GB/mo bandwidth
$29.97/mo ($26.67 with discount -> signup now)

Omicron VPS
+ 768MB RAM
+ 40GB RAID diskspace
+ 400GB/mo bandwidth
$39.97/mo ($35.57 with discount -> signup now)

Sigma VPS
+ 1024MB RAM
+ 60GB RAID diskspace
+ 600GB/mo bandwidth
$59.97/mo ($53.37 with discount -> signup now)

Omega VPS
+ 2048MB RAM
+ 120GB RAID diskspace
+ 1000GB/mo bandwidth
$119.97/mo ($106.77 with discount -> signup now)

Payment is available through Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal subscription.

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