So guys Fedore Core version 11 has been released with a lot of advanced features. These are for testing purposes on fedora and once the users are happy they will be moved to next release of CentOS and RHEL. Though there are lot numbers of features and most of them officially accepted, Lets have a snap shot of few of them to have an Idea.

Less Boot time: Its amazing, Fedore core 11 has record 20 seconds boot
time, which is very near to Ubuntu Jaunty (19 Seconds).

Anoconda: Now it has been enhanced to the new storage module in fedora core 11.

KDE: Now in Fedora Core 11, KDE4.2 is also supported.

Python: advanced version of python 2.6 is also added.

DNS: For DNS advance Security features has been added.

VNC: Modern and Enhanced Virtual Network computing mechanism for the easy use of system has been implemented.

XServer: Now Latest and Updated Version (1.6) is available.