Comparison b/w Cloud hosting and Geographical hosting.

well Cloud hosting normally has multiple number of servers located across the globe which are implemented with the load balancing technology. Cloud host has advantage of resource allocation to each user as per his requirements. So being a cloud hosting user you will pay fee for hosting plus the fee against the resource usage etc. Also you will never face the bandwidth shortage during the peak hours, and if you need the less bandwidth you will be charged only which you consume.

Another aspect is the good scalability advantage, though geographical hosts also offer this but mostly they rapidly move your shared accounts to vps or dedicated server, which sometimes involve downtime and might be data loss in some of the cases. In Cloud hosting if you want to expand there will be unit price which might be higher than that of geographical hosting.

Cloud hosting best suites for the resource intensive applications development and for those whose resource can vary any time or not predictable.

Geographical Hosting:

Ok, here you will come if you want less distance for your data to travel, in cloud hosting you might never know the actual location of your server which has been assigned by the load balancing technology. It can vary with time to time. Secondly if you are located in the one part of the world and your server in cloud hosting is entirely in the other part due to load balancing than server email etc are mostly effected and can cost you much, but geographical hosting has advantage over distance, which is always constant.

Secondly you will go for Geographical hosting if you prefer the connection time, but you have to look for the host which meets your requirement in best manner for the connection time issue and is most nearest to your location.

Geographical hosting is best for medium sized business which has the requirement for fast website and email functionality. Security is one of the other factor which matters and as in cloud hosting you are on the shared environment so you might feel yourself less secure than geographical hosting where you can be there on the dedicated environment.