Problem Scenario:

  • I want to make a system as domain controller which is RHEL5 based.
  • I want to join the clients(which are also linux based) to this domain controller.
  • also In both cases “where server and all clients are linux based” and “where some clients are windows and some are linux based ”

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1) Open smb.conf and set these parametres
Set domain name
enable netlogon folder + also create it
local master yes
OS level 64
domain master yes
prefer master yes
domain logons yes
wins support yes
2) Now add machine account which will be used to connect for testing
# useradd -M -s /bin/nologin computername$
if it’s not allowing you to create user with $ then create it without
$ sign then edit /ect/passwd and place $ sign in front of your user &
it’s directory and save it.
3) Now Generate password for machine accunt
# smbpasswd -am computername
4) Now check log file whether password is created or not
#tail -f /etc/samaba/ smbpasswd
Now you will see your computer account with $ sign which is necessary.
5) Now create a New user account to allow windows machine to log in
to domain.
Let say
# useradd khan
6) Now set samba password not linux password
#smbpasswd -a khan
Test it.
Have fun——— >100 % tested and written
TIP: After all this remove the $ sign placed in front of user and
directory–> /etc/passwd

Thats all, cheers