I just found a shocking article. Why shocking? Because i'm currently live in Hungary and i just heard about that so let's see ...

"Magyar Telekom, Hungary's leading telecoms group, has handed over a new 5,600-square-metre data centre to its wholly-owned subsidiary Dataplex Kft. on Tuesday. The facility, which has already been the top player on the Hungarian infocommunications market, has become the biggest and highest security data communication centre in Central Europe, and is now also among the first ten similar centres in Europe.

The new wing, which cost HUF 4.2 billion (EUR 17.9 m) to build, has been connected with the existing 8,800-sqm centre, making it one of the largest and most state-of-the-art infocommunications infrastructures of the continent.
“Magyar Telekom Group has added data centre services to its portfolio after thorough preparation. The business results have justified of the decision to acquire Dataplex: the world-standard infocommunications infrastructure services have attracted a host of Hungarian, regional and global customers to the Budapest facility of Dataplex. At the end of last year Dataplex approached the maximum of its capacities. In 2007, the data center provider netted HUF 3 billion revenue and recorded 30% growth over the previous year, despite the international economic crisis and skyrocketing energy costs," said György Simó, chief officer of the Alternative Businesses and Corporate Development Business Unit.
In order to be able to satisfy growing demand in the infocommunications infrastructure market, MTel has started to prepare the plans of a data center in East Hungary.
“The facility inaugurated today is the biggest IT infrastructure expansion project of the decade in Hungary, for which several technological solutions unique in the country, were used," said Gábor Szabó, CEO of Dataplex.
The new wing was completed in a record time of eight months, by the projected deadline.
In view of the continuous rise of energy prices and in preparation for the liberalization of the Hungarian electricity market, Dataplex has developed a new business model. This model encourages customers to rationalize their energy consumption because the service charges include not only the energy used by the servers and the data storage equipment but also the energy used for their cooling.
Environment protection aspects and sound insulation were given special emphasis in designing the centre: the cooling systems on the roof were surrounded by sound abatement elements."

Photo about the datacenter: imageput.com/hosted/2417thimage.jpg