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VPS-Hosting.ca uses HP and EMC fiber channel SAN's for our VPS Clusters..
We have a Min of 10 Harddrives 15K Per LUN and a max of 10 VPS Servers Per LUN.
Try it for your self and you will see how our VPS Servers are the fastest around.
You will never look at VPS Servers the same again.
All our VPS Servers are running on an ESX Cluster using VMware.
The largest company's in the world use the same architecture we are using.

Dedicated VPS Servers / Virtual Machines

FeaturesVM-256 VM-512 VM-1000VM-2000
RAM : 256 mb512 mb1 GB 2 GB
Harddrive:20 GB40 GB40 GB 80 GB 80 GB160 GB120 GB240 GB
Dedicated IPs:1222
Remote RebootFree!Free!Free!Free!
Remote ConsoleFree!Free!Free!Free!
Reverse DNSFree!Free!Free!Free!
Free Trial15 Days15 Days15 Days15 Days
Dedicated BandwidthOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Plesk SoftwareOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
cPanel SoftwareOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Custom SoftwareOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Unlimited SupportIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Price Per Month$ 29$ 49$ 69$ 89


1 Hour Setup | Free Harddrive Upgrade (Limited time)

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Complete Control!!!!
Manage all your Servers from one place!
See PIC.. http://www.vps-hosting.ca/images/remote-console/1.jpg
Remote Console your Server, Power On, Power Off, Reboot and Full Screen Console.
Access to your server with no network connection or OS installed.

See PIC.. http://www.vps-hosting.ca/images/rem.../untitled7.jpg

View Performance and Usage Charts for CPU, Memory, Network and more..

See PIC.. http://www.vps-hosting.ca/images/rem.../untitled2.jpg

Select an ISO Image from our ISO repository and attach it to the CDrom of your server.
You can also attach the cd from your local machine to the server and boot off it if necessary.
If you decide you would like to change your Windows Server to a linux CentOS, Simply select the iso, attach it to the cdrom of your server and reboot, using your console you can install the OS.
It's never been easier.

See PIC.. http://www.vps-hosting.ca/images/rem.../untitled3.jpg

Connect and disconnect the Servers network cable at any time.

Free Trial 1 hour Setup

As VPS-Hosting.ca strives for the best offerings to customers we want to ensure everyone can see how good our services really is. We offer free trials on all our services. If you are interested in testing out our services simply enter the Coupon code: 9818 and you will get 15 days free to test our service.
If you have any questions please contact sales( at )vps-hosting.ca.

Remote Admin Panel

  • Administer all Servers in one place.
  • Console a server that has no network.
  • Power On, Power Off and Reboot.
  • View Server resource status
  • Attach CD ISO images and boot off it.
  • For a demo of our admin panel please contact us.

VPS hosting offers VPS hosting also known as virtual machines. Our VPS services allows you to have as many virtual servers as you want which all can be managed in one web portal, including remote console and power operations. Our bulletproof infrastructure like no other with no single point of failure. The server cluster operates on multiple raid-5 san LUNs and the servers constantly monitor's each other's state. In the event of a server failure the VPS servers running on that failed served automatically start to run in other servers till the failed server comes back online. Your business will have the extra level of redundancy that no other server hosting company can offer. VPS servers have better reliability than physical servers and offer configurations up to 64 gb ram and 8 CPU's.