I am trying to setup some reseller package and have them auto created on first payment through WHMCS. The problem I'm having with it is the nameservers. I want my resellers to automatically get ns1.theirdomain.com and ns2. WHMCS and WHM set the nameserver correctly but don't assign an ip address. I would like to have their nameservers automatically use shared ips not dedicated, that is possible isn't it? I was thinking you no longer had to have a dedicated ip for nameservers, is that correct?

Problem 2 is in WHM also, in the reseller center when I try to assign an ip to the resellers nameservers it just says it's assigning an ip and loads forever. I had this same issue before when setting up my servers nameservers it done the exact same thing and I had to enter them manually.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time and comments.