TSN internet are now offering break through prices in London, UK on our dedicated servers.

Dual AMD MP 2800 + CPU's
2048 Mbytes DDR ECC Registered Ram
1x 80 GByte Disk, 7200 rpm 8Mb cache
Redhat 9.0,8.0,7.3 FreeBSD or Slackware
Free Ip's with RIPE justification

10 Mbps unmetered = 499 per month
50 Mbps unmetered = 1399 per month
100 Mbps unmetered = 2299 per month

Note bandwidth can also be used with co-location if you wish to purchase it seperatly and is multi-homed. Test IP :

Notice for the same prices you can have 6U of Co-Location space instead of the server. Bandwidth can be shared over many servers with co-location and we can rent you servers to co-locate should you wish to create your own package without the need to visit the datacenter.

We do NOT over sell our bandwidth.

If you would like further information please email neil@tsn.uk.com

All the Best,

Neil Bowen