ResellerChoice offers you windows virtual private servers running on Windows 2008 Hyper-V at discount prices. All services are unbranded and can be resold to re-branded under your own name.

Full Server Management When You Need It
We offer you award winning windows server management options and all services backed by an SLA and uptime guarantee.

Ultra Fast Windows VPS Server Network
We only use top of the line SuperMicro servers loaded with the latest multi processor Intel quad core servers and SCSI raid arrays. We fine tune our Windows image installs and host servers running on Hyper-V using high powered multiple CPU quad core servers with multiple fast disk raid arrays.

Fast Disk Drives From Fixed Disks
We have partnered with only the best data centers with Premium bandwidth and redundancy to host our VPS Server network with up to 1Gbps public ports and customers can select from New York City or Texas locations.

Free nightly backup on any VPS server!
ResellerChoice provides nightly off site image backups of your VPS free of charge. Keep Your Data Safe.

Moving your current VPS or custom server to us is simple
You can load your own custom VHD, VMWare image backups or ISO disks to create your own custom VPS or assist in moving a current server to our Windows VPS Hosting solutions.

Fast Disk Drives From Fixed Disks
We only use fixed dedicated disk space for your VPSís, We donít use dynamic or compressed disks as some other hosts are doing. Our fixed disks hyper-v images will give you the optimal performance you are missing.

"Tim Litton has published the results of testing where the performance of fixed and dynamic disks were compared. Fixed disks generally performed 10-15% better. " Windows Server Performance Team Blog : Hyper-V and VHD Performance - Dynamic vs. Fixed

Backed by our SLA and Uptime Guarantee
We Provide each customer with 100% Guaranteed Resources, We reserve the disk space and memory for your windows server so its always available when you need it.

We provide Free software with every server

  • SmarterMail 5.x Pro - 50 Domain/250 user License
  • SmarterStats 4.x Pro - 50 Sites
  • SmarterTrack 3.x Pro - 2 Agents
  • DotNetPanel
  • MS SQL Express

Lowest prices on software, SSL's and domain names, We pass our discounts onto you.

A short list of some Quick Access additional windows hosting services available

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Hosted SQL Databases
  • ISCSI Shared Disks
  • NAS Shared Storage
  • Network storage
  • Fail-Over Clusters
  • And More.

10. Our Low Prices and Great 24/7 Support!.

Our Windows Hyper-v VPS Plans
- Guaranteed Ram: 512megs
- CPU Cores: 2
- Storage: 30 GB (* fixed dedicated disk space)
- Uplink: Port 1000 Mbps (1Gig!)
- Bandwidth: 125 GB
- Dedicated IP's: 1
- OS: Windows 2003 or 2008 Enterprise, CentOS, Windows 7, Windows 2008 RC
- Nightly Backup
- Guaranteed Ram: 1GB
- CPU Cores: 2
- Storage: 40 GB (* fixed dedicated disk space)
- Uplink Port: 1000 Mbps (1Gig!)
- Bandwidth: 250 GB
- Dedicated IP's: 2
- OS: Windows 2003 or 2008 Enterprise, CentOS, *Windows 7 RC, *Windows 2008 R2 RC
- Nightly Backup
- Guaranteed Ram: 2GB
- CPU Cores: 2
- Storage: 80 GB RAID 1 SATA II (* fixed dedicated disk space)
- Uplink Port: 1000 Mbps (1Gig!)
- Bandwidth: 500 GB
- Dedicated IP's: 2
- OS: Windows 2003 or 2008 Enterprise, CentOS, *Windows 7 RC, *Windows 2008 Server R2 RC
- Nightly Backup
We always welcome custom setups or requests.