Monthly Specials!

VR-2587 – Get cPanel/WHM FREE for the entire life of your VPS (VPS-003 / VPS-004 ONLY!)
VR-8919 – Get 50% recurring discount on ANNUAL payments for the entire life of your VPS!
VR-4444 – Get 40% recurring discount on MONTHLY payments for the entire life of your VPS!

Why Choose Us?

1. We use the latest state of the art virtualization technology known as HyperVM, more robust and reliable than any other virtualization technology available.
2. We provide you with TRUE DEDICATED RESOURCES.
3. We sell a limited number of VPS’ on each of our dedicated servers, allowing them to be fast and reliable.
4. Our servers are hosted in Databank building in Dallas, TX.
5. We monitor our servers 24/7 – 365 days a year for maximum uptime.
6. We offer a 14 Day 100% money back guarantee.

Datacenter details

Our VPS services are located in the Databank building in Dallas, TX. The facility features all-fiber connectivity, multiple connections to the power grid, redundant power, cooling systems and multiple security layers.

We have applied the most rigorous standards of design, testing and maintenance in our facility to ensure maximum security and uptime for the critical data and applications hosted for our clients. The facility has multiple key features that allow us to provide solid service to our customers.

Test IP:

All VPSRight’s VPS include

•Full root access and FULLY managed VPS.
•You are hosted on powerful Intel Core2Quad Servers
•Equal Shared CPU
•Choose your own Operating System from Centos 5.x, Debian 5.x, Fedora 10.x, Ubuntu 8.x
•Choose your own control panel from among cPanel, LxAdmin, DirectAdmin or Webmin
•Get true 24/7-365 days a year ticket support!

If you do not see your preferred operating system and/or control panel please do not hesitate to contact our sales department detailing your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Our VPS Packages

VPS-001 | $14.99

40GB Disk Quota
400GB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Root SSH Access
Managed Service!
Order Now!

VPS-002 | $19.99

60GB Disk Quota
600GB Premium Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Root SSH Access
Managed Service!
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VPS-003 | $24.99

80 GB Disk Quota
800GB Premium Bandwidth
3 Dedicated IP Addresses
Root SSH Access
Managed Service!
Order Now!

VPS-004 | $29.99

100 GB Disk Quota
1000GB Premium Bandwidth
1024MB RAM
4 Dedicated IP Addresses
Root SSH Access
Managed Service!
Order Now!

Add-ons Available

cPanel/WHM - $12.77
Direct Admin - $6
LxAdmin – FREE!
Webmin – FREE!
1x Additional IP - $1.50
2x Additional IPs - $2.50
10GB DiskSpace - $1.00
10GB Bandwidth - $0.50

See who likes our service!

Alex Green - VPS-004
I wanted to thank you guys for providing a cheap and high performance server box. I first thought this was a joke but when I got the box for a low price and started to use it and put a gameserver on it, all the guys in the clan were like "Wow". What a great server no choke or lag. So I wanted to say thanks once again for providing a top of the line box and great support and sales staff.

Keith Bowman - VPS-004 - www.eBookBounty.com
So far I am VERY happy with my VPS. The speed is amazing and it's blazing fast compared to what I had before. I moved my main site over last night at www.eBookBounty.com and it's so much faster here. I know it's probably because there aren't a lot of VPS's on the server that I'm on probably so I hope the performance doesn't change. I hope you guys are around for a long time because I plan on staying if my VPS continues to perform as awesome as it does now.

Philip Profit - VPS-004 - (Site Coming Soon!)
I would like to thank all the staff at VPSRight, The support staff here are the most friendly & helpful I have met. I've been with a few VPS provides in my time, and the staff here, dont treat you like another customer but rather an individual. The VPS is first class, not even one clitch, fast & responsive exactly what we all look for. So, Thank you and keep up the good work.



Thank You for Your Time!

As the title says, Thanks for reading our advertisement thread.

If you feel that we haven’t provided enough information about ourselves, our datacenter/network or our packages, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department 24/7- 365 days a year for a more in depth explanation!

Email: sales@VPSRight.com
LiveChat: www.VPSRight.com