Our servers in Germany Netdirekt dc. The configuration for both of these servers is a Core2Quad Q9300, 8gb of RAM and a 100mbps port! You can't see this offer on our website. This is special offer.

Special Offer
Guaranteed 1024 MB RAM
Burstable 2048 MB ram
80 GB Hard Disk
600 GB Bandwidth
1 ip adress
Centos 5.x
17 Montly
120 Yearly

Order: Europe Virtual Private Server - Shopping Cart

Datacenter: Avaya Tenovis Databurg - Frankfurt, Germany



LXadmin - Free
DirectAdmin - 5/month
cPanel - 10/month
Plesk 100 domains - 5/month
IPs 1/month

Payment Methods

-IRC is not allowed
-Legal Adult is allowed
-We use OpenVZ and HyperVM
-There are no contracts. You can pay monthly!!
- All VPS's are basic managed.
-Signups are usually processed in a few hours after payment

Please feel free to post here or contact us if you have any questions.