Greetings, WHC

Is your Website / Server SECURE?

Your site has been compromised before?

Get your site/server audited to ensure your business data is
secure before you become a statistic.

In the past 6 months, e-crime activity reports have increased by
45% due to the global economic recession.

What is involved in a Full Security Audit?

External Security

  • Scan for Shells/malicious scripts
  • Scan for vulnerable web content ( permissions, RFI's )
  • Scans for Vulnerable Server Services
  • Vulnerable Ports
  • Testing of TCP handling - dDOS test.
  • Scan for Vulnerable PHP scripts/mods.
  • Control Panel Security Audit ( external )
  • Multiple Unique SSANZ Custom Scans*

Internal Security

  • Permissions/Ownership(s) Review
  • Apache/Webserver Security
  • User Account Security & binaries access audit
  • Local RFI Exploits located/patched.
  • System Binary Security Audit
  • Firewall/IPTABLES Audit
  • Bruteforce detection test & audit
  • Root Access Authentication Audit
  • Local PHP Functions Audit
  • Control Panel Security Audit ( Internal )
  • Kernel Security Audit
  • Additional SSANZ Custom Scans/Audit*

Extra/Additional scans can be requested.*

3 Days additional Support included - 24/7 Telephone/Web Support

Full Audit Includes Report at end of investigation,
including patching options and further hardening/securing of your server systems.

What does a Security Audit cost?

$100 Per Server / Site - *Discount available for WHC Members*

Additional Server/Site Audit - $25

CreditCard/Paypal/Alertpay & Wire Transfer Payment options available.

Telephone 24/7/365: +64210514985

" Simple, Affordable & Professional. "