Codingscape is a software development shop that runs a LAMP server with a limited number of shared hosting slots available. The benefits of hosting with Codingscape include support from highly skilled software developers and sys admins with experience developing and maintaining high load e-commerce sites and database servers. We are the perfect host for you if you are looking for a solid server for your website and access to developers and designers for ongoing projects.

Being developers, we believe in seeing everything up front. That's why the prices of our packages don't change based on the number of months you pre-pay for. $3.99 per month means $3.99 per month.

Server features include:
mysql 5.0.67
php 5.2
tomcat jsp/servlet hosting
nightly backups

Packages start at $3.99 with a $9.99 one time set up fee. Learn more at www.codingscape.com/hosting.php