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I am post here this as All adsense users have a big risk! But a lot do not know about this risk!

I am going to tell you about a commercial software but protect your Adsense account from life time suspension!

If you don't want get suspend your google adsense Account, I suggest you to read this! I must say this! I am not a affiliate of this company or I am not giving you a affiliate link! I post this as a infomation purpose!

Google Adsense is truly one of the most amazing income sources on the Internet. Am I right?

However there is still one big problem with Adsense - "Click Fraud".

Click fraud occurs when someone tries to CHEAT Google by clicking on the Adsense links on his or her own site in order to generate extra income.

This is, of course, very easy to do and usually takes the form of repeated clicks coming from the same PC.

Understandably, Google is very concerned about this and regularly checks Adsense accounts for signs of suspicious activity.

If you've never tried to cheat Google in this way, you may be thinking that this problem has nothing to do with you.

Hopefully you are right. However you should be aware that there are many reports on the Internet of Adsense accounts being suspended or closed because of "suspicious activity", even though the person involved has never tried to cheat Google.

The fact is that ANYONE can click on your ads, click their browser Back button, then click on the ads again.

Doing this repeatedly makes it "suspicious activity", which can get your account suspended or closed permanently.

Convincing Google that it was not your fault varies from difficult to impossible. Once your account has been closed, you are not permitted to apply for another account ever again.

Your Adsense Account has a Big Risk! as;

  • people using repeat clicks to shut down competitors' sites
  • people bearing a grudge using repeat clicks to get their revenge
  • Bored kids simply doing it for kicks

So what can you do to protect yourself?

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