What's New with iHost v3.0:

New iHost v3 major features

Affiliate system
2CO one page checkout feature support
Added client file download feature
Added Quantum Gateway payment processor
Added USAePay gateway support
Added windows tray application support
Added HyperVM support
Added lxadmin support

Minor changes:

Subscription-generated invoices now mention the associated account-package, domain name, or username if available.
Billing is now better-handled after suspensions:
- billing date is maintained instead of being reset
- new admin option to issue credit for, or bill throughout suspension period
- new admin option to assess a suspension fee upon unsuspension
Improved display of declined payments in CC batch module
Internal fraud checker now applies to all gateways
Improved handling of AVS codes
Converted all currency database fields to DECIMAL(10,2) to accomodate larger currency amounts
Added file import capability
Added event API trigger for account modifications
Added CustomPaymentGateway base class for developers
Added per-package totals in subscription report
Added staff signature support
Added ticket assignment support
Added total elapsed time on tickets
Added ability to include ticket message in notification message
Added client ticket-close feature
Added description field for add-ons
Added package expiration support
CC batch payment amounts are now currency-formatted
2CheckOut module now inclues the IP country provided by 2CO in its fraud screening (in addition to the signup IP country)
Added payment submission interface instead of direct-linking to gateways from invoices
Country flags are no longer displayed if country cannot be identified
Disallowing multiple free packages no longer denies free accounts to paid account-holders
Completely rewrote account listing/search feature for better performance
Added pagination links at bottom of account list page
Added first name/last name search
Added better support for international characters in E-mail subjects
Added mass-delete functionality for client accounts
Accounts/account-packages are now shaded when selected as a visual aid
Custom icons are now possible for custom menu items
Added support for safely increasing the memory limit as needed (factoring in suhosin limits and physical memory limitations)

Bug Fixes:

"Now due" is no longer displayed on invoices when the invoice is a credit
Card types selected in the payment gateway configuration page are now enforced (i.e., you can't use Discover if not enabled)
Fixed bug with direct-linking to zero-dollar packages
Fixed potential PEAR conflict on some servers due to OpenSRS API code
When package group selection is enabled, groups are now shown in correct order

[ About the iHost v3.0 ]

Overview :

Incorporate your pre-iHost hosting accounts easily into the iHost billing system.

iHost includes a complex error checking routine to ensure successful account creation.
All features with * after is a new feature added in v3.0.

Admin Details :
- Admin control panel
- Manually add accounts
- View/edit client accounts
- Internal support ticket system
- Mass email users from control panel
- Add Multiple servers with account type separation per server
- Network status
- Sign up Report
- Suspend/unsuspend, and delete accounts in WHM from iHost
- TOS editor
- Email template editor
- 2CheckOut.com integration
- Paypal ipn integration
- Supports subdomain account creation
- Earnings report
- User ip logging
- RVSkin compatible
- Email block
- Single and range ip block
- Invisible package option
- Admin notification if port fails 2 times
- News area
- Search feature
- Multiple admin logins
- Coupon system
- Multiple currency support
- Multiple tax support
- Multiple admin accounts with several permission choices
- shipping and setup fee support
- Manually add/view/create client invoices
- Create Reseller accounts with root access to server
- Offline credit card processing
- Authorize.net payment processing
- Added salt to all user and admin passwords
- Auto suspend failed payment accounts
- Create custom welcome emails per packages
- Package group support
- FraudSign.com fraud prevention integration
- Forced SSL support
- WHM import tool
- Custom order form fields
- Custom referral options with reporting
- Internal affiliate system*
- Windows tray application*
- Client file download area*

Client Control Panel :

- View network status
- Submit/view support ticket
- View/edit account details
- Change password
- View and make payment of due invoices
- Update credit card information

Incorporate your pre-iHost hosting accounts easily into the iHost system with our new domain import tool.

iHost includes a complex error checking routine to ensure successful account creation.

- Fully customizable order pages.

- Easy to install and use!

Admin Login iHost Billing System
User: admin
Pass: demo1

Order Form iHost Billing System
This is a working demo and all created accounts will be purged. Some functions have been disabled
External Helpdesk
iHost Billing System

Requirements :
Cpanel / WHM, DirectAdmin, or Plesk
Apache Web Server 1.3.33 or 1.3.34- v2.x
PHP 4.3.x or PHP 5.x
MySQL 4.x , v5.x
Ioncube loader (included in the script)
OpenSSL Enabled

Please allow up to 24 hours for license approval due to fraud checking

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