please note I am no writer by any means. So if you see a mistyped word ten flame if ya want. It wont bother me. What you are about to read is the past 2 years in my life of starting a web hosting business.

First off let me start by saying thanks for reading if you do. This article must not be reproduce in any way shape or form period.

Well now that you have your pricing structure ready, your web design ready, and your tired of reading this crap, lets move on.

Ok next on the agenda. How to choose your reseller host is the most hateful task I ever had to deal with. Why? Well if you get hooked with the wrong company it can lead to disaster. You might get with a company that will burn you, and burn you bad. So theres Rules for picking the reseller host you want to go with.

1. Do a search on Google for the company. Check out theyre plans. Remember if you see something thats unbeivable, then 99% of the time it is. Any way check the website out. Is there a "CONTACTS" link on the home page? or a way to get in touch with the company? If not I would steer clear. Reasons are that they may just be out for a quick buck then they will shut down leaving you and your clients out in the cold. Now not all companies are so there is that 1% but I have yet to find one.

2. Do a search on Network Solutions for the domain info. Does it match what is on the website and how long they are telling you they have been in business? Is there a contact and/or phone number and address? If theres's a discrepency email the host and ask why it is so? If you dont hear from them, you probably saved your self a lot of headaches.

3. Get refrences. NOT testimonials. Actual people who you can call and ask questions about the host in question. If they refuse to do that or say I cant disclose that information. Run away fast. Most hosts have the option of contacting clients and asking if they mind if they give theyre email or phone number to a potential client. I do this so as to validate that people are happy or pissed. Well how do I know this is an actual client and not the owner? You don't. Its a gut instinct. Just follow your gut feelings and you never go wrong. I think

4. Do a search on these forums or any web hosting forums for that reseller host. Take the amount of bad complaint vs good complaints. If the bad complaints = 13% or more stay away from them. Thats my theory.

5. Get it in writing. If you are offered a good deal other then whats listed on the plan page, get it in writing. It dont take much for them too sit down and write the deal out scan it and email to you. If they refuse to do this then RUN

Ok so you got the idea of it next part "Where do i get this "FREE" software?