please note I am no writer by any means. So if you see a mistyped word ten flame if ya want. It wont bother me. What you are about to read is the past 2 years in my life of starting a web hosting business.

First off let me start by saying thanks for reading if you do. This article must not be reproduce in any way shape or form period.

So your now a linux man. Next thing I did was research the different software I needed to start my reseller business. Well lets just say that i about crapped my pants when I learned the prices of this software. some were as much as $1000.00 and more. So I said to myself, "Lee there has to be another way." So back to Google I go. I did all types of searches and came across SourceForge.

Well slap me and call me an idiot. There in front of me was all this "FREE" software(Iit's actually open source). So I done a search on SourceForge. Now at this time they was having many, many, many problems with the search engine. A lot of times I would get "Sorry but the search server is busy or down. Please try your search again later." Well 3 months of this and I had finnaly found some interesting programs for my company to start off with. All for "FREE". I will list these programs later on.

Hey!!! Guess what if you made it this far you must be able to understand my chicken scratch.

Next after you have your programs all ready and what your gonna use, you need a web host right? WRONG!!! Now you have to layout your design of your web site. Well this is a process in it's self. Now you can pay some over priced design company or you can gotoBoxed Art like I did. Now any one in the hosting business will tell you "Oh my dont use a template, it's bad taste and bad for business." Those people i like to call "c*** blockers". Cause they are just like your brother when you was growing up. He would try to get you to date Salley Sue so he could date the girl you like. So if you want to use a template go ahead. There is nothing wrong with it. When I signed up for Boxed Art it was only $20 a year. Now its $40 bucks a year but they are getting better with theyre designs and it is well worth it. So in short, try to design your own or goto [URL=http://www.] or any other template site. (I am partial to boxed art cause they have good designs.)

So now you got your web site design, Next you want to get a reseller host right? WRONG!!!!! Now you have to search the competition. Goto [URL=] and do a search for " web hosting, webhosting, and hosting." Look at the prices, features and the layouts. Now occasionaly your gonna see a host offering ridicuosly low prices for alot of features. How can they do this? It's called overselling, which can come back and bite you in the arse. Overselling to me is big NO NO It can get you in trouble quick. Stay away from that. So you see a host with this special going on

150 Mb disc space
5 GB bandwidth
Feature A
Feature B
Feature C
Feature D
Feature E

All this for only 4.99 per month

Now thats a good price. You know why? Cause they are making money. They may not have a big client base but they make money. And from experience I can tell you that if you give your customer good support and different ways to contact you, You can name your price and 98% of the ttime they will stay with you. So remember these 3 things

2. Keep in touch with your customer. send them a greeting card on turkey day or christmas or both.<=== Not an E-Card either. It will cost you @ most $2.00 per customer if you goto your local Big lots or close out store. A little bit of arse kissin never hurts people.
3. If you charge a premium price, offer a premium service. Not a Crack Shack service.

End Of Part 2