We will always offer competitive hosting at competitive pricing. We are a fairly new hosting company and we are not afraid to admit that. We have been in the hosting industry for many of years now. Unlike the majority of other hosts we set a backup plan in place. We have stand by servers waiting to be used as backups in case of any emergencies. Rest assured, choosing Competitive Host you're in the right hands! As we have zero intentions of closing down shop and going out of business anytime soon!

Use coupon 25OFF to receive 25% off your first month invoice

We offer 24/7 support, if you're ever in the need of some help just enter a support ticket.

1hour - 24hour Guaranteed Setup Time, but normally within 15mins.

We offer 99.9% Uptime to our clients using our VPS services.

If you're switching from another VPS provider you will without a doubt see a difference!

Guaranteed Price Match: We will match anyones price and additional 5% off - We expect to see a previous invoice

Everyone would be hosted on top of the line servers with top of the line services!

Some F.A.Q's ----

1.) Do you have a test IP? We sure do.. and you may also test out our test file as well.

2.) Who is your datacenter? We currently use and love "Limestone Networks"

3.) Where are you servers located? Currently located in Dallas, Texas

4.) Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee? If you look at other VPS providers, most do not provide this. We do! We will offer you a 1 week (7 Day) money back guarantee! No questions asked.

5.) Would you provide me with a free Control Panel? Of course, before sending you your client details we install a fresh Operating System onto your VPS with LxAdmin as the Control Panel!

6.) What about Cpanel/DirectAdmin/Plesk? Yes we do offer these Control Panels as well, but at a additional cost. Please see the bottom of the thread for more info!

7.) Do you allow Adult Content? We have no problems with this what so ever, as long as it is legal!

8.) May I host a warez site? You may not, and we have many reasons why we don't allow this. Mainly because it's not fair to the people that want to have a legal web site that's running slow, because of your illegal activities.

9.) I just ordered, how long till I'm setup? We normally try to have you setup 15mins after ordering, but this could take up to 24hours. (But normally doesn't)
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Here are our current special plans. Plans are shown without 25% off

VPS- 1
10gb Space
75gb Bandwidth
256mb Guaranteed RAM
512mb Burstable RAM
1 IP address
$7.95mon - Order!

VPS- 2
20gb Space
300gb Bandwidth
384mb Guaranteed RAM
768mb Burstable RAM
2 IP address
$12.95mon - Order!

VPS- 3
35gb Space
500gb Bandwidth
512mb Guaranteed RAM
1024mb Burstable RAM
2 IP address
$20.95mon - Order!

- So you know that you never have to keep your same specs!
cPanel - $14.95mon - additional
direct admin - $10.95mon additional
IP addresses - $1.50 each monthly
256mb RAM - $7.95 monthly

If you need support you may visit my.competitivehost.com - If you have any other further questions you may either PM me or reply to this thread.