please note I am no writer by any means. So if you see a mistyped word ten flame if ya want. It wont bother me. What you are about to read is the past 2 years in my life of starting a web hosting business.

First off let me start by saying thanks for reading if you do. This article must not be reproduce in any way shape or form period.

So you want to start your own web hosting company? Well guess what? Your in a long line of many others that has wanted to start theyre own business. Most have succeeded, some have failed. Which group will you be in? Well that depends on your attitude. If you have the I CAN DO ttitude then more then likely you will succeed, BUT, if you go in thinking I am gonna get rich quick, well then just stay away from it. YOU WILL FAIL.

I use to drive truck for a living and got tired of being burned by the trucking companies. So I searched around for other lines of work, but none appealed to me more then owning my own business. There's nothing like being your own boss right? You can do what you want, when you want. So with my experience in customer communications I said "I CAN DO THIS". Well phase 1 of my new venture was to research, research, research. I bought an old computer and downloaded Redhat. I installed redhat with out a hitch. So i fire up the box and there's no GUI. Immediatly I thought "What the hell did I get myself into?". Well I started searching the web on everything linux. Google is the best place to start. I found tons of information but the place i always went to was, which is now Just Linux. There is a wealth of information there. If you are ever stuck or can't find an answer just goto

Linux is just like DOS use to be. Nowadays though most linux distors comes with a GUI. I chose Redhat due to its popular rating as a web based server. You can choose what ever distro you want as there are 100's if not 1000's out there. Anyway back to the story. Learn all you can about linux that you can. You will need it. Some resellers offer SSH Access some don't. I would recommend going with one that offers SSH, due to the fact you can log in and monitor your host's server with the command "TOP" (without the quotes) Now once you get your box set up, fool around with it. Try to get someone to break into your box, and breech the security of it. If they succeed you need to learn how to set your ipchains up. ipchains and iptables are the linux firewall. You should never store any personal info on this box while you are learning linux. After you are able to have your box secured try setting up a basic run of the mill web server. Fool around with the http.conf some, try different stuff.