I have finished getting stuff sorted and ready and have now added 8 software applications for you to purchase and download at a very low cost.

Here is a rundown:

Mini-Software Generator

With this excellent little tool, you can be creating unlimited amounts of software applications in no time and with Zero Knowledge of HTML, PHP, C## etc. No Coding knowledge needed at all. Just point and click and fill in some details.
If you have a good imagination, you can be creating mind-blowing applications such as:

  • Keyword Generators
  • Web Page Generators
  • Legal Document Generators

And more..... The best part of buying this software is, you get 100% Profits from any sales you make from software you create. Plus, I have included a Bonus of over 70 MB of excellent scripts and e-books for you to use with full resale rights.



DR_Editor is a html editor which does a bit more than most, little wizards to ad in images, text links, images with text links - you don’t even need to know the html code to do that. When you open an html document it will list all the other html documents in that folder so you can quickly jump between more then 1 document. Excellent tool for creating great web pages.
The package contains 2 extra bonus applications.


The Generator Pack

This package contains 4 very useful tools that will make your online life so much easier. Keyword Generator, Password Generator, Icon Generator, Clever Table Builder.


DR-Ad Wizard

An easy to use program that will help you make text ads and banner ads that also have your mouseovers and a text link under the banner.
As an added bonus, I have included BMP-JPG-BMP which is a handy Drag N Drop tool that will allow you to convert BMP images to JPG and visa versa.
You may also resell this pack with 100% Profit.


PC Cleaner

Clean even more junk files from your computer. Quickly scan all the folders and display all the junk it can find, then, select the junk you don’t want and click clean to get rid of it. Not only that but you can also clean the temporary folders of Windows with the click of a button.
As an added bonus, I have included the File Shredder program so you can completely destroy and shred any files you don’t want to keep or people to see.


Random PHP

Random PHP is a collection of 4 random php scripts:
Random background images that change each time your page loads.
Random password generator is a random password making script, good for members area’s
and random quote generator is good for having different text, tips or quotes on your website.
As an added bonus for your purchase, I have added the Clipboard Logger.
Clip Board Logger allows you to add text to a list. You can right click on an item and click copy to clipboard. This means you can enter in your name, or email address etc etc and saves you having to type it out again, and again, and again.


The Traffic Pack

The Traffic Pack contains 10 scripts which are easy to use to increase website traffic. These scripts include Break Frames, Bookmark Us, Email This Page, Set Homepage, Logo Branding, Frameless Popup, Browser Entry, Language (which routes traffic based on browser language settings), Avenue Search, and Popup Page.


The Ultimate PC Package

This package contains 8 very useful software applications for your PC.

  • File Shredder
  • Notepad
  • Mini-System Launcher
  • PC Cleaning Tool
  • System Info Module
  • Email Spam Protector
  • Text File Search and Replace
  • EasyBackup Application

This is a must have package for any Windows PC and at an amazing price of just $45.00 with Full Resale Rights, you have just gotten yourself a unique deal.


For more information and to purchase, just Click Here.