has officially opened!

I've mentioned a few times before that I was working on a new host directory, one that didn't run on the "the more you pay, the higher your listing" principle. Well, this is it!

Ascelon provides people a centralized place where they can go to find a new host, and it provides hosts another form of advertising.
Users can not only rate, but also submit full reviews of every host in our directory.

Submitting your site to our directory is not only easy, it's totally free!
Simply fill out a small form, and your done!

Ascelon is brand new, and does not have any listings yet, but hopefully it won't take long to fill up with sites and become a prosperous web host resource!
Also note, we also have a special category for web hosting resources, such as this site.

So, go submit your site now!

P.S: I'm sorry if this post breaks any rules, but I couldn't find a proper advertising forum for it...