WiredManage.com has teamed up for a strategic partnership
in order to provide COMPLETE SERVER MANAGEMENT services that will
leave server owners really focus more on their sales & marketing.

It is very important to guarantee a 100% server uptime to your customers.
It is as critical that server owners have the peace of mind with their core
boxes charged with robustly configured firewalls and other trusted security

What can we offer:

24x7x365 (90 sec.) Server Monitoring with Reboot
When your server is down, we will initiate reboot either by sending reboot
request to your datacenter or through your provided reboot panel -
depending on your choice.

Best Response and Resolution Time
All tickets submitted will be responded within 3 hours and resolved within
24 hours, GUARANTEED. Our target response time is at 30 minutes and resolution time at 2 hours.

Multiple Monitored Services
Uptime/Ping, Load, Disk Usage, Swap Usage, POP3, SMTP, Apache,
MySQL,Total Processes, & Current Users.

No Limits for Admin Work Time

Submit unlimited number of tickets and no any additional fees!

Initial Server Setup and Migration
Once you purchased a new server, we will setup and configure the server
completely to get it up and running at the least minimum delay time! Need to
migrate from an old server? We will migrate your files, database, accounts,
with or without control panel.

Server Software & Control Panel Upgrades
Upgrade Kernel, FTP, SSL, Perl, Exim, Apache, PHP, MySQL,Cpanel, etc.

Server Software Addon Installation
CpanelPro, CpanelXp, ClamAV, Mailscanner, URCHIN, GD, Curl, Freetype,
Eaccelerator, Fantastico, RVSkin, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick,
ZendOptimizer, Ioncube, Perl modules, etc.

System Security, Optimization and Hardening
We shall install any security software necessary to shield your server from
any threats and breach. If you have a preferred security application, let us
know and we will install them for you.

WHM/CPanel Technical Issues
We will fix cPanel Errors, System Incompatibilities check, System updates,
debug Errors, patch Bugs, etc..

Disaster Recovery
We will help find and determine the cause of the Disaster, do Recovery and
Rebuild from your backups.

Server Backup Restoration
If your server needs restoration, we will restore your backups to make it up
and running in no time.

DDOS Protection & Mitigation
Protect you from DDOS Attack and will try to mitigate and stop the attack.

Our partner support team has been providing services for Australia, Singapore,
and US clients and thought it's time to also expand through
WiredManage.com - your cost-effective service provider.

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